Hawaiian Hula Dancers

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The Luau Show

Are you looking for Hawaiian Hula Dancers? Well you’ve come to the right place! With pulsating Drums, Beautiful Hawaiian Hula Dancers and exciting Fire Knife Warriors, we’ll make your guests will feel like they’re at a top-notch Hawaiian Luau, just as if they were in Hawaii! As we take your guests on a tour of Polynesia, your guests will experience the exotic dances from the islands of Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, and Tahiti and more.

Learn To Hula

This journey through Polynesia includes fun filled audience participation. Laugh as your guests learn to hula and shake their hips to the Tahitian drum. We’ll bring grass skirts and coconut bras along for your guests to wear as they join in on the fun.  Our warm and friendly performers are always excited to meet new people and to share their culture. You’ll experience the true meaning of “Aloha” which means love, compassion, kindness and grace.

Tropical Luau Music

Let us set the ambience for your party by providing a set of Tropical Luau Music before the show. As your guests mingle and sip cocktails, they’ll enjoy the sounds of ukulele’s, Hawaiian guitars, and beautiful harmonies from our talented young musicians. Sit back and relax and listen to your favorite luau party songs and Hawaiian favorites.

Call Today!

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Whether you’re planning a luau for a birthday party, corporate event, graduation party, Hawaiian wedding, or just a backyard luau with family and friends, Paradise Island Entertainment will take your party to the next level!